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The Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat Store has an extensive array of literature, carefully selected to help you achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit. Our health and wellness specialists have contributed with recommendations in subject areas such as health, psychology, self-help. Some of our most popular Gwinganna books are now available online. For other options or specific titles, please email us directly.

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Gwinganna Recipe Book and E-Book Combo - For both the bookshelf and electronic devices
The best of both worlds! Take advantage of this limited Christmas offer for only $69.95. reg $79.90.  A copy of our Gwinganna - Garden to Gourmet recipe book with more than 100 delicious organic recipes and photographs PLUS our new Tastes of Gwinganna E-Book which features a selection of more than 40 favourite recipes from the mother book, formatted specially to display on your tablet, iPad or Kindle for easy reference whilst cooking in the kitchen.. Note - Please be sure to save the E-Book file once you download it so you can view it later or print it if you prefer. Download is only available once.  ..
Gwinganna's Four Weeks of Wellness E-Book
NOW ON SALE, just $6.95, usually $12.95. This valuable guide covers four key aspects of wellness with useful tips, latest articles and 11 delicious recipes to help you get your health on track. With over 35 pages, the e-book is also filled with inspiration and is easy to download. Note - Please be sure to save the file once you download it so you can view it later or print it if you prefer. Download is only available once. International e-book orders – international shipping is not available online, however please use the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat address (192 Syndicate Road, Tallebudgera, Queensland 4228) or an address in Australia to ensure purchase is successful. To order other items international contact
Gwinganna..from garden to gourmet
The very first book from the team at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is a celebration of delicious and healthy organic recipes for every meal of the day. With more than 100 recipes and over 140 pages, it features organic ingredients to create simple options that can be easily reproduced at home. The recipes are all directly from the menus at Gwinganna and have been developed in conjunction with Gwinganna’s chefs and nutritionists. Beautifully photographed, the book is a valuable guide toward optimal wellness. Just as nature intended, these recipes for ‘life’ will excite your tastebuds and assist your body’s essential nourishment. Our intention is to inspire optimal wellbeing and this recipe book offers you a look inside our philosophy with a focus on one of our fundamental aspects for wellbeing – nourishment from organic food. ..
Delicious. Organic. Food for Children
NEW This delightful recipe book is a wonderful guide on delicious food for children. From Yolande and Caroline, it has 120 pages with around 80 recipes, nutritional information and lots of beautiful images. The book provides creative healthy suggestions for all times of day for children of all ages. ..
Embracing the Warrior- An Essential Guide for Women
Reclaim your health and vitality through the power of nutrition, movement and informed choice. Dr Karen Coates and Vincent Perry have created a masterpiece with this easy-to-read, innovative approach to health based on current and proven scientific research. Together they have expertly woven the threads of conventional, nutritional and environmental medicine, natural therapy and physical movement to create a dynamic tapestry of wellbeing for the modern women. Dr Karen Coates regularly delivers entertaining, inspiring and informative seminars on 'Optimal Wellbeing'  to Gwinganna guests. ..
How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life?
Over 500 herbs, spices and edible plants. An Australian practical guide to growing herbs with culinary and medicinal uses. As recommended by Shelley, Gwinganna's resident organic gardening guru. ..
The Brain that Changes Itself
An astonishing new scientific discovery called neuroplasticity is overthrowing the centuries-old notion that the adult human brain is fixed and unchanging. It is instead, able to change it's own structure and function, even into old age. A must read as recommended by Sharon Kolkka in her 'Reframe Your Brain' seminar at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat ..
Yolande Spills Her Beanz
This colourful vegetarian cookbook is a collection of recipes Yolande has developed for everyday cooking. Yolande is one of Gwinganna’s long term chefs and her style focuses on presentation, colour and taste gathering surprisingly simple ideas. Her passion for food is shown in these easy to make dishes – fabulous for soups and sauces. 132 pages, wire bound.     ..
A Taste of Gwinganna - Recipe E-Book
NOW ON SALE, just $9.95, usually $19.95 We have selected some of the most loved recipes from our popular printed recipe book and created an electronic format. The new E-Book features over 40 recipes in a compact easy to use PDF format. Purchase and download your copy now Note - Please be sure to save the E-Book file once you download it so you can view it later or print it if you prefer. Download is only available once...
Nourish, Breathe, Nurture, Move, Rest Gwinganna has released a beautiful gift book of inspirations to use every day. With five key categories fundamental to healthy body and mind, each page is filled with motivational thoughts and tranquil imagery to calm, encourage and inspire you. You will find an assortment of simple philosophies to assist you in your quest for optimum nourishment, breath, self-nurturing, movement and rest. An ideal gift. ..
Breakfast with Gwinganna - Tea, Muesli and Inspirations pack
    Have breakfast with Gwinganna every morning... Kick start your day by nourishing your mind and body with three of our breakfast favourites:- Exclusive Signature Tea: A delicious blend of Australian lemon and aniseed myrtle. Toasted Organic Muesli: A crunchy lightly toasted medley of nuts, seeds, cinnamon and honey. A beautiful book of Inspirations filled with motivational thoughts and tranquil imagery to calm, encourage and inspire you. 3 Piece Breakfast Pack for just $39.95. Save $12.95 Signature Tea Blend: A citrusy flavour and smooth sweet finish. 50gm approx 35 cups. reg $24.95 Gwinganna Toasted Muesli: Rolled Oats, pepitas, sunflower seeds, raw almonds, flitered water, sesame seeds, cinnamon, honey. 500gm. reg $12.95 Inspirations Gift Book. reg $14.95        ..
Womens Words of Wisdom
In this extraordinary celebration of women of substance, 50 of Australia’s most adored celebrities, fashion icons, industry leaders, sporting legends, unsung heroes and high achievers come together in a unique book imparting their wisdom and empowering others. Featuring Gwinganna's General Manager, Sharon Kolkka. ..
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